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Social Trading

What is SocialTrading?

Social Trading is the world’s leading platform for social trading, providing access to the database of traders and the ability to repeat the transactions of the most successful traders in their own trading account.

Traders are sorted using the Social Trading performance evaluation algorithm. Users can fully manage their account using the platform, as well as gain access to various additional features, such as Social Trading, which protects against trading strategies with a high degree of risk.

How it works?

A Social Trading user can select traders whose transactions he wants to copy using a table ranking traders depending on the success of their trading and feedback from the Social Trading community. Then the user sets up copying of transactions of other traders depending on their preferences and degree of risk.

The platform offers a wide range of additional options that allow the user to fully manage their account using the experience of other traders. The user can specify the trading parameters for any currency pair for any trader whose transactions he copies, independently determine the volume of the transaction or set the maximum number of transactions, indicate the time when transactions should be completed, etc.

Why Social Trading?

Social Trading is one of the largest communities in the field of social trading. Platform users can choose among thousands of talented traders from 192 countries the most successful. Using automated trading also allows users to exclude the emotional and human factors from their trading. Social Trading signal providers are active in almost all countries and time zones of the world, so users get the opportunity to trade around the clock in the Forex market without having to constantly be in front of a computer or have a professional financial education.
You can connect to the platform through the site.